Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia

Winter Soaring

Programme Note:


For the Olympic Commissioning Project of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, I thought, in sonic terms, of ski jumping: friction of skis on snow, increasing velocity, cold rushing of wind, in-run, and then...airborne. The skier seems to float on air even though the inevitable fall must be far from weightless. Man going as far as possible, stretching the limits and achieving new heights with style - ski jumping is judged on both technical and stylistic merit. Such physical ability needed and yet it must also require a strong mind over body control. In these airborne altitudes, I imagine a solitary meditation takes place within the skier. Time is frozen but for an ephemeral moment.




In the few short sumptuous minutes of Winter Soaring, Emily Hall shows us so much of what makes her music so wonderful—a rich aural imagination, shimmering and subtle orchestration, delicacy of gesture, a compelling dramatic shape, and an economy of material where no note is wasted, yet every idea feels fully explored. Her attention to the smallest detail without losing sight of the "big picture" results in music that offers the listener rewards in each step and in the whole journey. Emily's craft, innate musicality, warm enthusiasm and creative curiosity make her an excellent collaborator and a composer with a bright future. 


-Jeffrey Ryan, composer-in-residence, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Canadian Composer Emily Hall / Compositeur canadienne Emily Hall

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On stage at the Orpheum

Rounded Rectangle: 2007) 5’ for symphony  orchestra
(2*(2.+picc)222/4231/timp, 2 perc, hrp/strings)

Commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony with funding from the Province of British Columbia, as part of the lead up to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Premiere: December 1st, 2007; Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver; VSO, guest conductor Alexander Mickelthwate