Soprano Julieanne Klein & composer Niklas Kambeitz

Canadian Composer Emily Hall / Compositeur canadienne Emily Hall

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Music / Musique

(2002) 9' for chamber orchestra (1111/1110/1 perc, 1 pno/11111)

Premiere: May 23, 2002; Clara Lichtenstein Hall, Montreal; Ensemble Synapse


(2002) 9’30” for bass clarinet, percussion, piano, and violin

Written under the auspices of the ARRAYMUSIC Young Composer's Workshop

Premiere: June 2, 2002; ARRAYMUSIC; The Music Gallery, Toronto; Robert W Stevenson, Blair Mackay, Stephen Clarke, Rebecca van der Post, and Rick Sacks


Signal Transduction

flute fingering photo

(2001-2002) 11' for piano

Premiere: February 21, 2002; Clara Lichtenstein Hall, Montreal; Kinza Tyrrell

(2002) 2’20” for clarinet, percussion, cello, and tape. 

Premiere: March 23, 2002; Pollack Hall, Montreal; Neil Middleton, Heather Tuach, Marianne Stadnyk, and Christien Ledroit.  


From Stillness

(2001) 12’30” for flute, clarinet, 2 percussionists, piano, violin, and cello

Premiere: March, 2001; Clara Lichtenstein Hall, Montreal; McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble

Look Into Your Hands

photo - giant mushroomsphoto

Painting by Emily Hall

(2006) 7’30” for SATB choir; commissioned by VivaVoce, dir. Peter Schubert, under the choral composition mentorship program

Premiere: May 10th, 2006, Redpath Hall, Montreal

Text by Emily Hall

Curious Rêve










Prize Winner of the 2005 Godfrey Ridout Award of the SOCAN Foundation

Prize Winner of the 2006 Godfrey Ridout Award of the SOCAN Foundation


(2007)  3’ for flute, clarinet and bass clarinet

Premiered by the Vancouver Miniaturist Ensemble

December 10th, 2007; Western Front, Vancouver; Mark McGregor, Mike Dowler and Stephen Davidson


(2007) 5’ for symphony  orchestra

(2*(2.+picc)222/4231/timp, 2 perc, hrp/strings)

Commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony with funding from the Province of British Columbia, as part of the lead up to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Premiere: December 1st, 2007; Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver; VSO, guest conductor Alexander Mickelthwate

Winter Soaring


(2006)  5’30 for organ

Written as Composer-in-Residence at the Stadtmuehle Willisau, Switzerland

Premiere: December 16th, 2006; Pfarrei Peter und Paul, Willisau, Switzerland; Peter Unternährer



(2006) 8’30” for violin and stereo audio

Written as Composer-in-Residence at the Stadtmuehle Willisau, Switzerland

Premiere: November 8, 2006, Stadtmuehle Willisau, Switzerland; Nadia Francavilla

Die Glocken schwingen schwer von Ertz



(2006) 15’30” for String Quartet; Commissioned by the Quatuor Bozzini (Montreal)

Premiere: April 6th, 2006, Chapelle Saint-Louis — Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montreal

Five songs for mezzo-soprano and 18 piece chamber orchestra 2*(1.+picc., 2.+alto fl.) 1*(+eng. hn.) 2*(2.+bass clar.) 1*(+c-bsn.)/1110/2 perc, 1 hrp, 1 pno/11111

Text by Lorna Crozier


Collection of four songs c. 18’. A fifth optional song not composed. Not yet performed.

(2003) 12’30” for percussion quartet and stereo tape

Text by Emily Hall

Written as the Composer-in-Residence for the McGill Percussion Ensemble

Premiere: March 15, 2003; GEMS Concert, Pollack Hall, Montreal; John Wong, Frédérique Asselin, Chris Hastings and Kyle Eustace

(2003-2004) 25' for soprano, percussion, and hexaphonic tape

Co-written with Niklas Kambeitz. Text freely adapted from Euripides’ tragedy The Bacchae

Premiere: August 11, 2004; Up To Your Ears New Music Festival, Montreal; Julieanne Klein, soprano, Kristie Ibrahim, percussion, Charles Gagnon, sound engineer.  

(2005) 14’ for alto flute and marimba Commissioned by Marie-Hélène Breault and Catherine Meunier (Montreal)

Premiere: October 9th, 2005, Innovations en Concert, Chapelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur.

Sea Change



Inside is the Sky

Phantom Caprice

photophotoflute photophotoPfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul
Willisau, Switzerlandflute photoPfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul
Willisau, SwitzerlandPfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul
Willisau, SwitzerlandPfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul
Willisau, Switzerlandflute photo

(2008) 9’ for vibraphone, harpsichord and piano

Premiered by the Contemporary Keyboard Society, December 12, 2008; Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montréal (a Codes d’accès production).

Tidal Trio

(2009) 14’ for viola and piano

Premiered by Pemi Paull and Brigitte Poulin of Bradyworks, June 3, 2009; Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montréal. Commissioned by Bradyworks through a grant from the Canada Council.