Web Radio Stations & Other Places to listen to New Music:


CMC List Another list of International sources for radio/web radio featuring new music


SONUS an online listening library of electroacoustic works, created and managed by the CEC.


CBC Radio 2 Online Music Channels (choose the “Canadian Composers” for 24-hour listening of Canadian composers)


Hear and Now One of the BBC's new music shows


Kalvos and Damian’s New Music Bazaar


NPN A list of links to Broadcasts and Cybercasts Allied in the Presentation of New NonPop, although not all are up-to-date


Postclassic Radio by Kyle Gann



Canadian Composer Emily Hall / Compositeur canadienne Emily Hall

                                                    Email / Courriel: Emily Hall

Canadian Music Centre

The CMC holds Canada's largest collection of Canadian concert music. Over 15,000 scores and/or works are available on loan, and are easily accessible through five regional centres across Canada, as well as through its website.

Links / Liens

Canadian New Music Network

The CNMN is a network of artists, ensembles, orchestras, production companies, record labels, music educators, music media, musicologists, music lovers and fans who believe in the importance and value of create music making in Canadian society.

Thomas Moore, New Music Links

A site with a phenomenal list of composers, performers, and other new-music related links. 


A magazine published three times a year with a CD featuring music by artists presented in the magazine.